Thursday, July 24, 2008

The first of many?

We don't really know how to blog very well, because we've never gotten into it, but, here goes:

John (JJ) and I got married on May 9, 2008 (a mere 2 months and change ago) in the Laie, Hawaii Temple. It was such an awesome day! There were clouds looming, and it had rained that morning, but that was just a good sign: It's rained on every important day in our relationship, from our first date to the day we got engaged, rain pretty much means good things to us! Luckily, it didn't rain on us (okay, maybe a little, but we were in the car, so it doesn't count), but the clouds made our pictures look amazing.

I'm so happy to be married! By the way, this is Marika: I'll probably be doing most of the blogging for both of us, since I'm less busy for now. Let me introduce myself to those of you who don't know me: I'm the youngest of 3 girls, and a Business Management major at the newly-dubbed UVU (Utah Valley University). Cooking and eating are my hobbies, as well as my new-found-only-sport-I'm-coordinated-enough-to-play: Golf!

JJ is into golf, cooking, and eating also! He's got pretty much the same interests as me, except that he's so nerdy! :) He graduated from BYU with his BS in microbiology right before we met, and now he works for the government doing microbiology stuff at Dugway Proving Grounds. I'm happy to be married to him--He's the perfect "man" for me (even though I still think he's a boy), and he's C-U-T-E!

Anyway, we'll be using this site to update you on any news that we have... which doesn't seem like it'll be much, but we'll try to think of something.