Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crawdad Dinner

I somehow messed up and deleted this last part of the last post, but, you'll get the idea:

I was way happy that I got up, but mostly happy that I didn't feel like I had frostbite, and that a minimal amount of water got up my nose. Here's proof: We went ashore and had a crawdad dinner (again). Here's me and Micia being proud of my wakeboarding skills. And Stewart trying to make a Burt's Bee's commercial.

It was such a fun time! Thanks Mish and Stew!

We Went Wakeboarding!

We had another adventure this weekend. We went to Scofield Reservoir (again) to catch crawdads and go wakeboarding. Micia and Stewart had been trying to get us out for a while, and we finally got to board! It was so much fun. Here are the highlights:

The morning was pretty cold, so we just hung out on the boat for a while. JJ's sister, Jaime, who lives with us now, got to come. It was super fun.

It warmed up pretty quick, so we decided to hit the (freaking cold) water.

Stewart went first to show us how it's done. He made it look super easy, so we all felt confident.

Then JJ flopped around in the water for a while, which made me and Jaime really really scared to try it... and he also made it pretty obvious how cold the water was, he started shivering.

Micia then took a turn, and she did really well! I think this made me want to go again, even though JJ didn't have such a fun time.

Jaime got the hang of it pretty quick! As soon as she got up, she lasted for a long time.

I was so scared of the chilly water! It was overcast as soon as I got to go, too. Micia gave me a little advice, though and....

After a couple of tries....

I got up! I couldn't believe it!!!! YAY!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

This is us on our drive to Las Vegas for my 21st berfday. It was a very fun weekend--Here are most of the highlights!
We stayed at Treasure Island. When we arrived, we got a complimentary upgrade to the top level, and since we're "obviously newlyweds", we got a free bottle of Martinelli's, haha.

For our first meal, we decided to eat dim sum. However, restaurants don't really serve dim sum at 9 PM, so we ended up just getting "Modern Chinese food" at a restaurant in the Palazzo called Mainland. WORST SERVICE EVER, even worse than at Carvers in Sandy, Utah. Our server took a long time to come get our drink order, then said that the bar tender was too busy, so our drinks would take a while (bad idea to say when you can fully see the bar from your table), then our entrees came out probably a real-life 15 minutes apart. The food ended up being good, but we wouldn't ever go back, and don't recommend it, unless you can see that it's completely empty, therefore, not busy.
This was the view from our window. AWESOME!

The next night, after a long day at the pool, we decided to eat at the buffet at the Wynn. This was the line we waited in,
And this was the copious amount of crab legs that we consumed :)

Lunch the next day (after, once again, hanging out at the pool) was at Mesa Grill (by Bobby Flay). No sign of the chef, but I did learn a new fact... JJ can not aim a camera.

Then we went to the "Bodies" exhibit at the Luxor. It was super cool! I liked the siamese twins fetus, and JJ liked the body of veins. If you get the chance, see it! I hear it's coming to SLC in the fall.

We then went to Craftsteak for dinner. We had the Wagyu (American Kobe) Tartare (yes, we like raw meat) and shaved fennel salad, followed by JJ's New York (perfect) and my braised rib (most awesome), with sides of han-shi meiji mushrooms and a great blue cheese potato gratin. It was very filling!... and then we ate a free birthday cheesecake. BEST MEAL EVER! We don't even care that it beat out our other meals for most expensive, it was SO good.

All in all, it was a great vacation! I was glad to turn 21 with JJ around. I feel strange being a "real adult", and, to answer everyone's burning question, yes... I gambled. I spent a whole dollar on slots and won back... $0.00 . Oh well, I just did it to say that I did.

Crawdads, Aug 16

My family has been meaning to go fishing for crawdads for a long time, but we finally did it on Saturday Aug 16th! Mark that day in history, I think our lives have been changed--We're going to go a lot more now!

Micia's boyfriend, Stewart, brought his boat out just for fun. It was great to get out on the water, even if JJ's head got really sunburnt (it's peeling now, I swear it's not just dandruff).

JJ looks really cute on the docks :)
My dad bought some traps for us to use... This is how many were on the traps the first time we put them in. We soon learned that tying a piece of chicken to a string is actually the better plan.

Just drop the string into the water (avoiding mating bugs, ew).

Leave it for a few minutes, then pull it up (keeping in mind how awesome my mom's hat is),

AND TA-DA! Okay, it took a few pulls, but we did get a TON of them.

Boil 'em up with potatoes, corn, sausage, and spices

Dump 'em on the table (or into a box to be more sanitary)

and then comes the best part... these guys were YUMMY! and huge.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. I think we've got the next date set already, though, and I'm excited! It was so much fun.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sushi Go Round

There's a new sushi-track restaurant in SLC, I'm excited to go, but for now, I'm SUPER SICK. I've been throwing up all day :-(. It's the worst, but... at least I have been playing this sushi-track game to entertain me.

It's super fun. Don't play it unless you plan on being at your computer for a while, it's one of those things where you'll be playing and then WHAM! It's later than you expected.

Monday, August 4, 2008


For those of you who don't know, JJ has been golfing (avidly) for a few years. He finally convinced me to come out with him, and I loved it! So, after the wedding, he got me a set of clubs and stuff, so I could come, too (don't worry boys, I still let him go out with the guys, and don't always make him bring me) :) .

This picture is proof that I actually do golf. Me, clubs, cart. Is that enough evidence?

The cute pink ones are mine (on the left).

So, we're golfing at Sleepy Ridge, and we got partnered up with two other guys we didn't know. They ended up being probably worse than me (which is an accomplishment), and one of them actually WHACKED A BALL STRAIGHT INTO MY KNEE-PIT--and the day before our "my family" reunion, too! ugh. Here's proof:

Boo. : (

Friday, August 1, 2008

Honeymoon Pics Are In!

Okay, so we've had the pictures on our camera all along, but we just downloaded them right now. Here's what we were up to the week neither of us touched our cell phones:

One of the first things we did when we got to Kauai was go to a lookout point. Actually, we just decided to get in the car and drive around and follow signs, and this is where we ended up. It was fun, and there was an older couple at the top that asked to take our picture... They were funny.

This was the view from our B&B. JJ made the best choice; we even had a private balcony! It was nice and out of the way of all the major tourist-y areas, and felt like we just had a house with a person who made really disgusting breakfasts. But that wasn't the point. The point was that it was research for my future hopeful career (owning a B&B).

JJ wanted to go on a hike, so he bought me these hiking shoes before we left. I like them! I know they kinda look like water shoes, but they served the purpose.

I made JJ carry the pink bag. Tee hee!

The view from our hike was pretty cool. There was an arch and waterfalls. It was called Wai-Pu (why poo?) Falls. We chose it because the name was awesome.

There was another newlywed couple there, and we took turns taking pictures of each other--Theirs probably ended up much better. Bad form! Anyway.... The water was super cold so I didn't go all the way under, but JJ was happy.

After swimming at the falls, we got this pic on our hike back. Little did I know, the way back was AWFUL! It got warmer and more humid, we ran out of water because I kept drinking it all... and my butt was getting really sore.

I feel bad--We did a lot of eating at nice restaurants and didn't take any pictures of us while we were there. But we did get some awesome pictures at Polihale Beach State Park on the way to the airport. The surf that day was FANTASTIC! It was huge and fast. I was glad we were leaving or else JJ would have tried to brave the waves--He's a little scary-adventurous sometimes.

Awwwwwwwww. I love us.