Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Little Known Fact

When I feel icky, or when I feel good, or pretty much at any time at all, one of my favorite foods is a sweet potato.

Right now I feel icky. My Uncle (who has some disabilities) is really sick, as in... in the hospital sick. He doesn't really understand what is making him sick or the way this sickness will effect him in the future. Makes me sad. I'm sick, but just chest congestion sick--which doesn't seem so bad at this time, but it means that I can't go and visit my poor Uncle.

JJ is in PA with his family (including Uncle Jack, Mona, and the girls), which also makes me sad and kind of jealous.

My mom is in Cambodia, so the house is... not... clean, but not way disgusting, but the dishes bug me, and make me miss JJ.

So, for now, it's just me, sweet potato, sour cream, and brown sugar. All by our lonesomes. At least my favorite comfort food is somewhat healthy.