Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you know anyone...

We have to part ways with Stella. JJ's set on keeping the Jetta, which, I guess makes sense, so we're going to be selling the blue Hyundai.

We're listing at $8,999, but let's just say we're flexible. It's only got 34,450 miles on it, and has never been in a wreck! We have a CarFax thing on it... It's got cruise control, 5-speed manual, gets like 35+ miles/gallon, has a good crash test rating, electric windows and door locks, good airbags... it's been a good, reliable car--no mechanical errors thus far!

If you know anyone, PLEASE send them our way! We're trying to get this thing gone ASAP! Have them email us at, or call us, or whatever.

Remember... we're flexible! Haha. Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It may not be the news you were all hoping for.... but, we're MOVING! It's official. There's a moving truck reserved, and I'm getting ready to face my fear of driving it. Boxes will soon be stacked in our apartment and we'll be making a big donation to D.I. (we're getting rid of a lot of clothes... if you want some, come on over! WARNING: they're mostly from high school (for me) and mostly bootcut jeans (from him)).

And the date is..... APRIL 25th.
A week before real finals, so I'm taking all m'tests early.