Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Positive Affirmations-0* Edition

A while back, when I was at a Young Women's church activity thing, I remember talking about self-esteem. This actually must have been a LONG while back because it was before I started zoning out every time the words "self" and "esteem" were used in the same sentence. ANYWAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We were talking about techniques used to raise self-esteem. One of the leaders volunteered that you should compliment yourself, aka, 'positively affirm' yourself. She said that she likes to say, "I am a genuinely nice person" to herself in the mirror when she doesn't feel so hot. Tyra Banks once said that she likes to say, "I look fabulous in the morning" on bad hair days. That's when I learned that positive affirmations are usually just little white lies, but can sometimes be facts.

I thought this was all bull....pucky...

This morning, when I woke up and looked at the weather, I was shocked. It said 0* F. WHAT?! If there are no degrees, what am I supposed to do?!

As I was getting ready, I positively affirmed myself:

I will not crash my car, I will not crash my car....
My Uggs and fleece jacket are super warm...
I have seat heaters, I have seat heaters...
I will not literally freeze my bum off...

As I drove to school:

Accounting is important, accounting is important...
The parking lot is not THAT far from the building...
My nose is still there, my nose is still there....
My hair will be fine after I take my beanie off, I swear...
There will be doughnuts...

As I practically ran to class:

He won't notice I'm late...
My grade will not suffer because of the cold...
I didn't need my back pack anyway....
My toes are still there, my nose is still there, my ears are still there...
These mittens are not silly...

Then I got to class, ate a doughnut, sat there warm, and then realized I didn't hear a WORD the teacher said. NOT. A. SINGLE. WORD.

And now, as I sit at my desk waiting for my mom to bring me new pants, I think...

No one can actually see my underwear...
No one can actually see my crotch...
New jeans won't be too expensive for me....

Seriously. Thank goodness for desk jobs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

You're Dying...

That's right, you're all dying to know...

I'm almost fully recovered! However, this is the saga after I started feeling better...

Friday: My fever definitely made a return. JJ and I had a fun date anyway, though, in SLC after picking him up (they lost his bag) and before picking up my mom. We ate at Pat's BBQ (waaay delicious, if only I could've tasted it better) and then watched a movie... something about Paris, at the Broadway.

Saturday: We got up semi-early (late for a weekday, early for a weekend) and drove to Vegas to visit Micia. Fever was still there, but most other symptoms were pretty improved. We all (Mom & Dad, Mish & Stewart, JJ & I) went to see LOVE at the Mirage. Mikkel was being a poop about working and came down on Sunday. GREAT way to celebrate Halloween, and it was such a good show! I'd recommend it to anyone--definitely my favorite Cirque Du Soleil show so far.

Sunday: Fever broke! We ate dim sum for brunch. Micia's white coat ceremony happened, which was really similar to a graduation, but at the beginning of her med-school career. They had really tasty almond brittle for "refreshments" there (it probably wasn't good, but I could taste it and I was starving, plus I think that only Mormons use the word "refreshments"). We then went to dinner at a Korean BBQ, which was tasty, as usual. After that, we drove back to "the valley" so that I could make it to class by 7 AM and Stew could go to work by 10 AM.

I woke up late or early, depending on what you think, with a BAD fever. I was so bummed! It was definitely back with a vengeance AND meant that I was going to miss my Accounting class again; in which homework was due and there was a quiz. I'm not an "Always {A}" student, but I definitely get stressed as the homework piles up while I'm sick.

Monday: I pretty much just sat around and coughed stuff up. All. Day.

Tuesday: Sick day, except when I went to work for a few hours. Went to Tucano's for dinner with cousins and family.

Wednesday: My cough started getting stinky and really really colorful, but it was more productive and I was feeling otherwise better. No big! Or so I thought.

Thursday: Almost normal. I took my mom and JJ to the airport (boooooo), then worked for like 6 hours, late into the night. I HAVE TO CATCH UP! You see, since I'm the only person that works in the front office (for those of you who don't know, I'm my dad's "Office Manager"), when I'm not here, none of the billing info gets put in.

Friday: I called my family friend, Dr. Bill, to get a note for school. I had this huge frustration about my doctor's office not returning a call, etc... It was very lame. And then I remembered that my Uncle* Bill would probably fax me a note, anyway. While we were on the phone he told me the stinky, colorful coughs show that I probably have a minor case of pneumonia, and that, if my cough doesn't go away by tomorrow, I should probably go into the doctors.

*My "Uncle Bill" is actually just my dad's friend from High School, but I thought that he was my Uncle until I was like 14. When I put it together, I felt like an idiot.

ANYWAY>>> It's now Monday, and I'm feeling mostly fine. I'm still coughing, but it's not stinky nor is it colorful :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H O W E V E R . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Last night, JJ started getting chest congestion. Then was getting a sore throat. And then a dry cough... and then a fever. I guess it's his turn to be a piggy!

I feel really bad, since it was me that got him sick, but he knew that I was sick and I offered to change his plane ticket for him, but he said it's best to get it now before it evolves into a super bug.

He just texted me, as I write this, that his cough is definitely worsening.

The other reason I feel bad is because he doesn't have the best part of being sick: A cooler on his balcony full of assorted juices and diet coke with lime, courtesy of his daddy. He does, however, only have to walk 20 feet to get a drink or something from the fridge, which I guess is almost as good.

Everyone go wash your hands! I bet you got it just from reading this!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pig Wrestling

So, here I am, sitting in the same place I've been since Saturday night. At this time, I'm enjoying some EasyMac and a cup of Apple Cider, looking forward to picking up JJ and my mom at the airport tomorrow, and thinking that all might be right with the world.

You see, at this same time yesterday, my fever was back, I was coughing up all kinds of colors, I had just thrown up (into a bowl of soup I had just started consuming), my voice was gone, I was shaking, and so weak I couldn't lift said bowl up to put it somewhere other than my lap.

Right NOW, however, I have NO fever, only a slightly sore throat, a man voice, the coughs are mostly controllable, I'm not nauseated, and the swelling in my armpits and throat is completely gone!

Take that, swiney! In this pig wrestling match, there's a VERY obvious winner. *ME*!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reader Shout-Out

This is an *official* shout out to my favorite reader, Aunt Joni!

Okay, maybe you're my favorite reader, but I'm really writing this because

A) I got your message
B) I don't think you know how to text message
C) I've mostly lost my voice so I can't answer the phone
D) I'm fine! I haven't thrown up today :) I'll call you if I need anything! I think I'm on the upswing though.

I lost my voice, but my temperature seems normal now and I'm keeping down food (my favorite)!

My brain is falling out of my nose, however... in liquid form. And sneezeys galore.

Oinky Oink Oink

That's right, y'all... it's official. I have the Swine Flu.

I thought that I'd write about the progression of this illness, so that you will know if you're getting it:

Day 1. Saturday: I start to feel like I'm getting chest congestion as I drive home from hanging out with Jill. I assume it's just because I was out late (again) after a long day. By the time I get home, I have chest congestion, stuffy nose, and, as I'm sitting on the toilet, I realize I'm going to barf. Just like that.

Day 2. Sunday: I wake up at 6 AM to feeling like I have a flu and a cold at the same time. The nausea isn't as severe as with the flu, but the sore throat and chest congestion begins it's butt-kicking. I stay in bed all day, drinking juice, theraflu, water, and soup. I went to web-MD to try to find out what's wrong. Suggestions are: common cold, flu virus, H1N1 virus, as well as some other crazy things, like mumps, parasites, etc.

Day 3. Monday: I wake up at 5 AM, feeling slightly better (I think it's because I was still high on NyQuil). I can't go back to sleep because of my dry cough--new addition to the list. I notice that the glands in my armpits and throat are swollen as I shower (trying to shave swollen armpits while on NyQuil proves to be quite the adventure), but I still have to make it to my 7 AM Accounting class to turn in my take-home quiz and homework. I call my doctors as soon as they open, and SURPRISE! I have Swine Flu. After going to Target (yes, I'm one of those people that spreads germs around that everyone hates...we all need food and more medicine at times, right?), I go home to officially start my quarantine. I drink a cup of Theraflu, fall asleep around 10 AM and don't wake up until 6 PM. I'd say it was the best day of having Swine Flu ever! Unfortunately, I start having more "productive coughs" with blood involved.

Funny anecdote: When I'm on drugs, I often lose my sense of grip. I was drinking a glass of Diet Coke, but totally dropped it all over the comforter I was using. As I stand up to gather it up and put it in the washer, I barf. Right on the same spot as the Diet Coke. I was surprised I didn't then pee my pants, I laughed so hard at myself for not knowing I was about to throw up. Then I started coughing really hard (I think that might be why I threw up in the first place), and it all got a lot less funny.

Last night, my sleep was horrible. I kept waking up due to wind outside and someone coughing loudly... Oh, that's me? Hmmm... at this point I'm so groggy I forget that I'm way sick and just keep wondering what's happening...

Day 4. Today: I feel a lot more sick as far as the coughing and sore throat go. My lungs feel mostly the same, and I don't quite know if I'm nauseous. I DO know, however, that it's been snowing all night. Because of the snow, I feel like I've been sick for ages.

I'm supposed to start feeling better tomorrow and be able to pick up JJ from the airport, and then my mom, on Friday. I sure hope I can! We're all going to Vegas to watch Mish get her white coat. I'll update on how the rest of this goes when I get over it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living the Cross-Country Life

As most of you know, and, if you don’t, you’re an alien (or new to my blog)…
JJ and I have been living in DC and Utah, respectively, since the end of July. We’ve found ourselves missing one another, yes, but we’re SO BUSY! JJ goes out of town (his town, DC) probably at least once every 3 weeks, but he makes sure to be there when I am there (which has been every other weekend, when we expected probably once a month). In the last month, actually, I’ve made 3 trips, including the one I’m on right now.
Flying cross-country often may seem glamorous, but I promise it’s not. Take my last flight as an example:
There was turbulence. All across the country. I would know. I somehow scheduled myself for a flight that went from Baltimore (about 30 mins driving or 1 hour metro-and-bus-riding from our apartment) to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I had a 2-hour layover. On this leg of my awesome trip, there was turbulence, but I luckily slept through most of it. In Charlotte, I walked around the airport and then thought about buying magazines. I just thought about it, because I couldn’t find any good ones. OH, by the way… I was trying to walk my pants dry. That’s right, the man next to me on the flight spilled his ENTIRE beer on my pants—at 7:30 in the morning, no less. I had left ALL of my stuff that I had taken to DC (except my carry-on, which was a purse this time) with JJ, so, even if I could’ve claimed my luggage, I wouldn’t have had anything to change into.
I then boarded my next flight. Because US Airways is such a quality airline (gag me ragged), I went straight from Charlotte to…. PHOENIX. Yes, it took me across the country, but I would still have another hour and a half flight after this one. It was turbulent, as I stated before, and the poor old lady in front of me was throwing up. Not just spitting up, but THROWING UP as LOUDLY AND DRAMATICALLY as a CARTOON! I had loaded up on ginger before flying, so I could hold down my…. Wait, I didn’t eat breakfast, because of beer smell. Anyway, the 2nd time she started throwing up, I started to laugh. I didn’t mean to. I just did! Then the guy next to me started to laugh… and then it spread throughout the cabin. Pretty soon, the whole airplane was bouncing up and down with laughter. Poor lady.
In Phoenix, I bought a ten-dollar salad (dang airport), and then enjoyed watching the wildlife for the remaining 2 hours. Here’s where this very long story gets good.
As we boarded the plane, there was a boisterous man in line. After take-off, boisterousness turned into extreme drunkenness. Now, I’ve been to my share of parties (as the designated driver), but I’d NEVER seen someone that drunk on a plane. He started to head back to the bathroom as soon as we had gotten off the runway. I was seated in the back back of the plane, in the aisle. This man almost fell over, and then decided to take a breather on my armrest. Reaching for the call button, I said, “Sir, I don’t think you’re supposed to sit there,” to which he replied: “I’m just waiting to use the bathroom...” I pushed the flight attendant call button, but it took him a while to get to my seat (I think he was obeying the fasten-seat-belt sign) the time he got there, the drunken man was SITTING IN MY LAP! The flight attendant assisted the man in standing, which was to no avail, as this man chose to fall into the kitchenette, or whatever they call that area. He stayed there as the attendant took everyone's drink orders, then the attendant called the other 2 male flight attendants (what, that's not sexist, it's super weird!) and they lifted the man and put him in the bathroom.
Upon landing (yes, 1 hour later), the man was lifted from the bathroom and promptly arrested for public intoxication. SUPER WEIRD!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I never said I wasn't a slacker....

So there's no need to accuse me of being one (especially you, Joni)! I'm VERY aware that it's been FOREVER since I last posted. Here is a list of the reasons why, and what I've been up to (in chronological order): CAUTION: Very long post with nearly no fun follows this warning.

1. My BFF Katie Rieske (Moravec) had her wedding reception, and I was the Maid of Honor. After that, the wedding party went to Las Vegas, where I celebrated my 22nd berfday. Thanks to Josh and Brit for the Margarita-Extra Virgin with salt, just how I like 'em, and JJ (and Mish) for the dinner at Le Cirque, and JJ for the Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystere. My birthday was fantastic. I'm thinking that I should probably write a different post about that trip. We'll see.

2. I started school (again). I have only 2 actual classes this semester, although I'm getting credit for 3 (my internship, which I completed over the summer, is being graded this semester, so I can just pay for tuition for Fall, not Summer, which is the most expensive semester). Anyway, Accounting is never my favorite, and this 7:10 AM Hospitality Managerial Accounting class kicks my butt on a Monday & Wednesday morning basis.

3. JJ came into town for a work trip, so I don't waste time with things like silly blogger.

4. My Uncle Tom passed away. He was really sick, so it's good that he isn't suffering anymore, but it was a very sad/stressful time (I was the funeral planner. Micia, who usually plans everyting, has moved to Las Vegas, Mikkel is too busy with her job/dogs and didn't really want to do anything, my mom was still in Cambodia, my dad is way too busy/has no idea what to choose, and my Gramma seemingly didn't have an opinion, until after decisions had been made and contracts had been signed) ANYWAY... I have to give a shout out here to Ron Christensen at Larkin Mortuary, he was super helpful and didn't act like he was super sad, which helped.

5. My cousins and Uncle were in town, which always ends up being an adventure.

6. I'm still working on getting used to the office and all of it's little nuances.

7. My mom was back from Cambodia, and I had a lot to help her with, since she left for Michigan 2 weeks later (she's there now).

8. JJ was able to stay for the funeral, which kept me busy with him even longer.

9. I went to Blanding for a day with my mom and dad. It was fun, but not a very long visit.

10. My iPhone got stolen. I was really really scared that my identity would get stolen, as well, because my phone had access to my email without having to type in a password, which had a folder in it containing all of my names and passwords to everything. Not just most things. EVERY THING I've ever had access to on the internet. I had also texted JJ my SSN that same day, because we were applying for a car loan. Yes, I'm an idiot. Don't worry, I've made changes. I was luckily up for an upgrade, and had to fork over $200 for a new iPhone 3GS, but I got some awesome info: My phone was stolen and the SIM Card was taken out within 10 minutes, so... the person knew about iPhones, but didn't steal my identity. That was good.

11. I was way freaking busy playing Phase 10 with Jill and Jordan. 'Til like 3 in the morning.

12. I came to DC. I'm still here as I write this post--JJ is at work. I was sent with plenty of projects from my dad, which I haven't made very large strides on. JJ's parents came down and took us to Charlottesville, Virginia (the next place we'll be living), to check out the territory. I really liked that area! It's slightly country, but mostly rock-n-roll. No, just kidding, but it IS just country enough that natives have cute accents. There is plenty of outdoor eating, shopping, and fun east-coasty "hiking"(walking in the woods, not uphill-utah-type hiking) to keep a girl happy.

13. When we went to breakfast at the BlueGrass Grill in Charlottesville (awesome smoked salmon florentine, btw), I dropped my 9-day-old iPhone into the toilet. Yes, into. I quickly turned it off and put it in a sealed container of dry rice for over 24 hours (until the camera lens dried out) and it seemed to be working fine. Until I realized that the power button wasn't working. At all. That's also the lock button on the iPhone. JJ was afraid that this was just the beginning of a very long iPhone-related-frustration/drama, so I took it to the Apple store, and, I'll admit it. They let me get a replacement phone, for just 1/3 of the original price.... $200. That may not sound like a deal, since that's what I got it for in the first place, but, when you're not up for an upgrade with AT&T, they charge you the "retail value" of the phone... or $599. UGH. Luckily, I had some birthday money, so I used that. Thanks, mom and dad. Life is hard when you're trying to save up for a house and a car and hold on to your phone (it was in my jacket pocket, but my jacket seems to be almost as disabled as the author) all at the same time.

14. My sister's little wiener dog, Milo, passed away a day after I got here. I feel really bad for her--He was her first doggie, and he was really cute, despite being a little bit slow :). I really liked watching his silly face and crazy antics. He will be missed.

K, so that's what I've been doing. No, I didn't take any pictures, I'll get better at that some day. Sorry that my life is boring as all get out right now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

UGH, Y'all...

So, I have had updating my blog on the list of things to do for quite some time, however...

I have to think about what to write about for at least one more day. For now, all I can think about is how...

I was at the Provo Towne Center to watch Julie & Julia with the 'rents, and I seem to have dropped my iPhone there.

For those of you who don't know, there is WAY too much info that I DON'T want getting around. Email, notes, facebook, etc.

The saddest saddest saddest thing is that whoever picked it up (in a theatre with 7 people in it, and no one sitting behind us... it shouldn't be hard to figure out where it had gone) has already turned off the power. Which means that they know enough about iPhones to know they can be traced whenever they're on.

I already went back and looked through the whole theater. It was a lot cleaner upon my return.

If anyone you know randomly has a black iPhone 3G with a red case and a screen protector show up... you know who to call (me, except I don't have a phone anymore...booooooooo). Call my office at (801) 225-5451. Leave a message, I will get them. THANKS!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Little Known Fact

When I feel icky, or when I feel good, or pretty much at any time at all, one of my favorite foods is a sweet potato.

Right now I feel icky. My Uncle (who has some disabilities) is really sick, as in... in the hospital sick. He doesn't really understand what is making him sick or the way this sickness will effect him in the future. Makes me sad. I'm sick, but just chest congestion sick--which doesn't seem so bad at this time, but it means that I can't go and visit my poor Uncle.

JJ is in PA with his family (including Uncle Jack, Mona, and the girls), which also makes me sad and kind of jealous.

My mom is in Cambodia, so the house is... not... clean, but not way disgusting, but the dishes bug me, and make me miss JJ.

So, for now, it's just me, sweet potato, sour cream, and brown sugar. All by our lonesomes. At least my favorite comfort food is somewhat healthy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moving (Again)

The move (again) to Utah is over. Well, mostly. I found out some things that I didn't expect:

1. I have more than 50 shirts. I went to buy hangers (I decided not to trek across the country with them), and bought 5 10-packs. Not enough :-( .

2. Utah is beautiful, and I did miss the mountains.

3. The water in Utah tastes great, and runs oh-so-cold from the tap.

4. 40 hours is a LOT of time to work per week. I've worked 6.5 hours since I got here, and it's felt really really good.

5. I am a normal human who only sleeps 8 hours a day. Not 12 like I was usually trying to do in DC. I think this has something to do with going to bed when I feel tired and waking up...whenever.

6. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN TO DRIVE. The Metro got rid of most of my travel-rage. It's back with a vengeance.

7. If someone next to me barfs on a plane/train/bus, I'm actually NOT going to throw up, as well. I thought I'd be more sensitive, but the guy next to me was throwing up the WHOLE way to SLC from Denver, and I didn't even get nauseated. Super Mario might have just saved my Panda Express.

Of course, I've learned other things, too. These are just the ones that stick out right at the moment.

I miss JJ a lot. We've gone through work trips and other things, but this is totally strange. It's really weird to go into my closet to get...whatever... and know where it is (yes, he puts all my laundry away), without having to push his shirts or suits aside to get to the shelves. It's also really weird to go out with friends and not have someone to talk to about it when I get home (and it's usually too late on the East to call him).

I'm so glad that we're now less than 3 weeks away from seeing each other! It helps that I'm with my family, so I feel horrible that he's going through this time by himself.

So what has he been up to, you ask?

Working out--two-a-days. And he'll be going to a conference soon, so it should help.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Had A Really Good Day Yesterday

...despite some bad news.

I got some bad news yesterday, but that's not something I really want to blog about. Actually, I did want to blog about it, but then I took the post off, because it was potentially offensive. For those of you who were lucky enough to check my blog at like 12:35 PM, you were blessed with my ranting and raving.

I spent all day yesterday (my day off) boiling about this situation while watching crappy TV.

After that, however, I had the best talk EVER with JJ (as soon as he got home from work). We finally agreed on how we feel about the situation, which we hadn't before, and had quite the fun time laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing is, and how it's something that would only happen when completely contrived on some kind of awful British sitcom.

Following that, I decided to take a bath to go out with JJ and forget about our situation. JJ then surprised me by jumping in the bath with me (mind you, we're both not tiny people, and our bath is one of those bath/shower combos that 1 person barely fits in)... and then he got stuck! I almost peed the bath, and he got out. I'm sure it was meant to be kind of romantic, but it ended up just being way hilarious.

After that episode, I got dressed, and we headed out. We had decided to take a walk and then go to dinner. We rode the Metro to Rosslyn, then walked across the Key Bridge, down on the riverwalk, and then ended up going back up to M Street and picking a restaurant at random.

We ended up eating at a place called The Guards. It was pretty good, but they were out of both the salad and pie that I wanted. The Crab Cakes, however, were GOOOOOOD!

We then walked to the Foggy Bottom Metro stop and rode home, where I fell asleep watching a new episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Such a good day. I'm going to miss days like this when I go back home--8 days from today.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things That Scare the Poop Outta Me

Homeless people

Suffering when I die

JJ secretly hating me

Those big garbage cans... which is actually a fear of homeless people that live in them

But MOSTLY....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

I've recently been receiving a lot of questions about how our lives are going to go in the next few months, both as individuals, and as a couple. I'm hoping to be able to refer people to this blog entry, so that I don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over. I also get kinda sad when I hear some of these, so I'm hoping it'll give answers to the questions I don't like hearing. I'm also going to write it in the 3rd person, so that you know exactly who I'm talking about at all times.

1. What exactly are you guys doing?

Marika is going back to Utah to finish school. She has 2 semesters left, but it's only 9 credits. Because her program is one of the smaller ones at UVU, not all classes are offered during both semesters, so she has 6 credits this semester, and 3 next semester. While going to school, she will be working for her dad (as his assistant), which should be 20-30 hours a week, and is flexible enough that she can come out to DC whenever she wants, which is where JJ will stay.

JJ will continue with his job here in DC, which he really enjoys, and is a great opportunity for upward mobility.

2. So is Marika just going to get a little apartment?

No. Marika's parents have plenty of space for her to live with them for this small amount of time and save money (she'd rather buy plane tickets with her dollars).

3. Don't you think it'll be hard to be married and seperate?

First of all, we're not having any kind of marital issues. Please don't read that into our short time apart--which we don't like to call a "separation" for obvious reasons.

Of course it will be hard. We're in love! However, Marika has always been very goal-oriented, and school was not a goal she was willing to give up. JJ also supports her in everything that she does, and wants her to be satisfied with her life. Getting her degree will be worth this small amount of time, so that we'll be able to feel accomplished and at-peace with everything when it's finally over.

*EDIT* JJ can do his own laundry and is a pretty darn good cook. I'm not worried about that, either.

No, this was not an easy decision. It will be hard.

4. Isn't it about time that you guys got settled and had kids?

HA, HA. Very funny. Let's talk about this when we're not kids ourselves (means NO). Finishing school will help Marika feel like an adult. We can talk about it in a few months, then.

5. What can I do to help?

Thanks for the offer, but really... acting normal around us will be just fine. It'll help us get into the swing of pretending this time is normal, in the first place. So, going to lunches, game nights, movies, everything that you would have invited US to do, feel free to invite one of us to do.

6. When will you see each other?

Marika already has plane tickets to be in DC 1 week of September and 1 week in October. JJ is planning to be in Vegas one weekend in August (Marika's birthday) and in UT one weekend in August (Walker's wedding). JJ will also be in UT for Thanksgiving, and the couple will be spending Christmas with HIS family this year (in PA or somewhere else, no one knows yet). We haven't planned anything for January-April, but it's so far away that we'll be able to get it planned in plenty of time.

In the mean time, we're going to Skype, call, text, email, send presents, and do all that cute stuff that we do anyway. We're dang cute.

SEE? There's really nothing to be worried about. We'll be just fine, as we want to be strong, independent people who are married and love each other, even when we get to live together. We've always tried to keep our friends, have time for others, and make our own decisions as a married couple, anyhow, so we think we'll function just fine.

Being apart will probably help us to be even stronger, as we'll start to appreciate being with each other even more.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Never Before Seen ish pics

This post is pretty much just of pictures that I haven't posted. Some of them were because I look ugly, or because it was before our blog got started. Some of them are on Facebook, but I figure not everyone has it. Well, not QUITE everyone.

HAHA. This one is from Vegas (Dec. '08). I didn't look good in any pictures, so I started making faces like I was going to throw up or something... since that's way cool.

Tavernacle with the buds

This is a pic from our engagement session in PA (with JJ's "uncle", who is really his mom's cousin).

We went to Yellowstone with my family 2 summers ago. It's so strange that this was that long ago! I still remember the whole trip like it was yesterday.

I think this is my 20th berfday. It's almost my 22nd now! It's at The Blue Boar Inn, Midway, Utah.

OOOoooh this one is old! It's from when we very first started dating. SO CUTE!

Same here. I'm not sure, but I think this pic was when we first decided to be exclusive. I used to have a camera in my purse at all times.

JJ's bro, Jared, took us out to do engagements in the fall leaves. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that the settings on the camera were all jacked up. This is the one that would've been on the invites, had "Uncle" Greg not saved us. And yes, one or both of us looked goofy in all of the ones that had okay coloring/lighting/contrast.

Hershey Park, Summer '06. It was like 115 (does anyone know where the degrees sign can be found) outside, we went on water rides over and over.

On a totally-not-related note, I miss Taco Amigo. I also miss having fast food nearby--a burger sounds DELISH right now. And yes, Taco Amigo has delicious burgers.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just as I get used to life here in DC, start to feel like our apartment is home, start to get used to having such a crazy schedule at work, use the metro like a pro, feel comfortable walking past the homeless man (who screams stuff like "I like yer dress!" and "You've got pretty hair!", but still makes me jump) to get groceries, memorize the grocery store, know relatively where the streets and metro run, and how to get places without glancing at a map all the time.....

I buy a one-way ticket back to Utah.

I'm excited to see my fam-damily, friends, even acquaintances, eat at Cafe Rio and Bangkok Grill, drive, shop at Harmon's, have a doctor, finish school, and work somewhere I can sit down, but there seem to be a lot of cons.

I'm going to miss JJ a LOT. I'm going to miss laughing with him, cuddling and watching the Food Network, meeting up for dinner, even talking about work and bills--but I'm also going to miss how much he does to help me with every day life.

Marika Singer might be the most spoiled wife in the world. Not only does JJ have a great, stable job, which makes it so that I don't have to worry about how much I'm contributing to the bank account, he also is the perfect house-husband. I can't honestly say that I've done a load of laundry, from start to finish, since we got married--and even before that. Sure, I've put wash in, and folded on occassion, but he usually does the larger part of the laundry. He also does the larger part of loading the dishwasher, and I just have to put the clean 'uns away. He'll run me a bath if he knows I'll be home soon, and gets me a glass of water every night when we're headed to bed. He lets me just do the chores that I like--Grocery shopping, bill paying, and cooking a little more than half of the time. He's the BEST!, and I haven't even mentioned how he's always making me smile with little anecdotes and jokes, hugging me right at the right moment, and encouraging me to accomplish more and more.

Okay, now that I'm getting all emotional...

I'm flying in on July 22nd, then I'll be helping my sister move that weekend. JJ will be out in UT for Katie and Andrew Moravec's reception on Aug 15th and my birthday on Aug 17th, then he'll probably be back for his friend Walker's wedding on Aug 29th. I'll be in DC September sometime and October for UEA. He'll be in UT for Thanksgiving, I'll be in DC/PA with him for the Holidays.

The next 8-ish months are going to be hard, but I know that in the end, I'll be happy that I'm graduated and then we can start our "real lives".

I'm just going to miss him :'(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Apartment

As promised, here are the pics of our apartment:

We have a few common areas in the building, including the "games" room:

We bought a new TV when we moved here (one of the many fabulous deals we got). JJ's been pretty happy with it. Note that it's tuned to our favorite channel:

We also bought a new couch just days before the move. We got it at the RC Willey outlet, and would recommend that place to just about anyone!

It's so different living here! Here's the bathroom:

And our walk-through closet (between the bathroom and the bedroom).

Our bedroom is pretty plain, and I think it's going to stay that way for a while. We're not really sure about where we'll be living next, so I don't wanna personalize anything until we know how it'll be.

We also have a nice patio here. JJ keeps his bike on it lately (there are AWESOME bike trails around, I guess.... do I LOOK like I bike?), but this pic was taken before. Also, notice the large somewhat-2001: A Space Odyssey-esque roofy thing (just above the trees). That's the Metro station.

And now for the living/dining/kitchen area:

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed it.

On an almost unrelated note, I'm truly enjoying iPhone's new software.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Meaty Man

This story was just so funny I had to tell it.

Today JJ and I decided to go to Costco and stock up on some meat. We grabbed some backpacks and off to the Metro we went! For those of you who have never lived in a big city without a car, you'd know a trip to Costco as something pretty different. We get on the Metro, go 3 stops, get on the next train, go 2 stops, get off the Metro, walk 2 blocks, then we're finally there.

So we go shopping, and, since we were there for some meat, we headed right to the back of the place. We go to the meat coolers, and I leave JJ to look for some steaks. When I look back, I see that he's struck up a conversation with a man that was very well-dressed and neatly trimmed. Hmmm....

Apparently, the conversation went a little bit like this:

"Excuse me, is this a good price on this meat?" says the stranger.
"Yeah, it looks like a pretty good deal to me." responds my husband.
"I just usually shop at a butcher's in Dupont Circle"
*Note that Dupont Circle is where most of the gay bars are located*
"Oh, yeah, well Costco generally has really high quality meat at a good price... for example, this is a USDA-Certified Prime New York, at a price that you could pay for Choice somewhere else."
Then I walk up just when the stranger says.....
"Well, I'll get them then... You look like a guy who really knows his meat!"

.......Gay guys love us.

And yes, JJ really does know his meat. As in steaks. What a dirty mind you have.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Avoided This Until Now

but Rachel tagged me. Here goes:

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. Graduation
2. Getting the time we have to live apart over with
3. Christmas! Who's not?
4. Buying our first house
5. Getting a real job
6. Seeing the house in Vegas my parents just bought
7. Seeing my famiry (I miss you people)
8. The next vacation (again, who's not?)

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Got dressed
2. Worked
3. Turned my suit into the dry cleaner's
4. Napped
5. Chatted
6. Went to dinner with JJ
7. Got red in the face when the lady I thought was cat woman was actually a belly dancer who tried to make me dance with her. UGH. Yucky and embarassing (even though I didn't dance).
8. Watched a very sweet little girl who is staying in my hotel win the National Spelling Bee!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Buy a house (it's a recurring theme)
2. Graduate without taking my last 10 stupid credits
3. Win the lottery
4. Eat a banana just to know what it tastes like (without dying)
5. Go eat Pho with the family
6. Relax! I've been high-stress today.
7. Get JJ a car to have out here while I drive his VW in Utah
8. Go to Thailand

8 TV Shows I Watch (I chose to just say the religiously watched ones... I like TV):
1. Jon & Kate + 8
2. Intervention (haha)
3. Charm School
4. Jacques Pepin (I like Fast Food My Way, but Jacques and Julia was good while it lasted)
5. Throwdown with Bobby Flay (or anything with Bobby)
6. Trading Spouses
7. I Didn't Know I was Pregnant (because I'm an idiot)
8. Hell's Kitchen

8 People I Tag
1. Britt or Joe (or both)
2. Diana Anderson
3. Rochelle
4. Britt Beardall
5. Tabitha
6. Jeffiner
7. Rachael Noxon--You haven't written in forever
8. Ummm... Sandi.

Sorry for tagging, I guess you kinda have to? I won't be offended if you don't do it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh, herro....

Welcome to a day in the life of the Singers (I'm still not used to being a Singer, even if I've been married for a year. In fact, when I was filling out my paperwork for the new job, I had to ask for a new W4. I'm no longer Marika Roby)!

I guess this is a day in the life of Me, mostly. So here goes:

4:30 AM: Alarm clock #1 rings. I get up, and get into my uniform. It looks like this, except it's brown with a blue shirt, but I'm not supposed to take pictures of uniforms, etc (so this is what I interviewed in).

Then I go across the street to the Metro. I have to catch the very first one (or else I'll be late), so I show up there at about 5:10 AM.

That person actually isn't me, but she looks close enough, right? I wait for the first train, then get on, and show up at work.

7:00ish AM: Alarm clock #2 rings. JJ doesn't have to be at work at any time specific, as long as he puts in his 8 hours. Lucky ducky. He also only has to go 1 stop on Metro, as opposed to my 7. So he gets on and then it's like 3 minutes' ride for him.

I stand in a VIP Lounge all day and make sure everyone is happy. JJ sits at a desk all day and... does a bunch of secret things.

Then we both get on the Metro and come home. I try to stay happy and up-beat, since some people on the metro are grumps.

This is unrealistic, but it's a pic of us going... somewhere. I don't remember. But I'm sure it was fun! I think we were probably going to the mall.

Then we eat dinner, which, on Cinco De Mayo, was fish tacos:

JJ is always very accommodating of my hectic schedule. He usually makes dinner, or at least really helps.
I'm really tired by the time I get off of work, since I'm not good at going to sleep early.

As for today, I'm training to work the night shift, so I don't have to go into work until 3 PM, but I also don't get OFF of work until 11 PM. Oh well, I guess that's what you do to get school credit while doing almost nothing but work. In lieu of dinner with JJ, we're going to lunch at noon. I better get dressed and go on the short little Metro trip.

More blogging later!

By the way... I do know that I still owe you pictures of our apartment. I'll do it. I should've done it yesterday, when JJ had tidied up everything, but, alas. I'll do it when I get a day off (which is most likely Tuesday and Wednesday of next week).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinner at Komi

For our anniversary, we were supposed to go to Cabo San Lucas with my family. Unfortunately, swine flu happened, canceling our plans :-(. JJ made reservations at Komi, a restaurant in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington D.C.

When JJ got home from his 4th day of work, we got all dolled up, then crossed the street to the Metro (it's SO convenient, especially since we didn't bring a car).

This is Apres-Metro, and it's also the only pic we took besides the one below (of food).

So, I'd never had a tasting menu. For those of you who don't know, at some restaurants, they have a menu that is selected for you by the chef, made up of many smaller dishes, so you can get a taste of their style--In this case, JJ warned them about my allergies to bananas and scallops.

Dupont Circle is a really cute neighborhood--there are tons of brownstones and the roads are pretty much 1-laners. We had to walk a few blocks to the restaurant, but the weather has been gorgeous lately, and so it was a good walk (except that I hadn't really eaten anything all day in anticipation).

We entered the restaurant, and I immediately noticed that there are only about a dozen tables. It was simple and calm, especially compared to the rush of traffic outside. We were seated NEXT to each other at a table--which JJ usually doesn't like. At least it was on corners, not directly next to each other. The restaurant is so small that we couldn't really be across.

We opted for the "degustazione", which is more dishes and includes cheese before the dessert.

The first course came, and it was 2 bites of raw fish in a smoked turbot broth for us to share. It was delcious! Now, I realize that most people probably don't wanna hear about the next 9 small bites that were served, as courses, so I'll just write about favorites. My favorite of the first 10 courses was probably a steamed brioche bun with homemade creme fraiche and caviar. Perfect flavors for me, and I'm a sucker for steamed buns--I like my buns steamy :-). JJ loved a lot of things, but I think his favorite was probably the steak tartare with black truffle ice cream, or the date stuffed with goat's cheese with fleur de sel.

I can tell you one thing--we actually really hated one dish. It was like a shrimp paste, and was the grossest texture I've ever put in my mouth. I had to wash it down with plenty of sparkling water.

The most interesting dish was probably the deep-fried liquid Caesar salad. I don't know how they do it, but it really was just that. A crunchy shell filled with liquid salad.

The cutest thing, was, for sure, the animal crackers, shown here:

I got to eat the elephant (JJ always gives me first picks). They were cheddar and chive flavored.

After the first 10 courses came the pasta course (these are still chosen by the chef). JJ got the cheese ravioli with chorizo sauce. I got the tagliatelle with morels, prociutto, and ramps. My dish won for deliciousness. It was so smooth and buttery, I almost melted right into it, but then it was time to switch (we always switch halfway through).

After that was the main course--roasted suckling pig, served with homemade pitas and 6 tasting sauces. The skin was SO crunchy, and the meat was perfectly tender without being greasy. JJ liked the habanero hot sauce, and I liked the salt with oregano.

The cheese course was delicious, and then we got 3 desserts. The first one was definitely my favorite dessert--A lemon gelee with strawberry-rhubarb sorbet. Then we had an "anniversary" themed dessert, which was tapioca with passion fruit sauce. JJ commented that it was perfect for us, since we got married in Hawaii. Then I got a mint and fleur de sel ice cream sandwich, and he got greek doughnuts with a spiced chocolate milkshake. His definitely won on this one--it was SOO delicious.

The check came, and they included root beer lollipops, I think to distract from the price. Sales tax in D.C. is 10%, which really doesn't help when you're somewhere expensive.

We then went outside, where it had been raining, but it stopped for us to get to the metro (it always rains when we go on dates, or we always go on dates when it rains, I can't decide which). The walk home was peaceful and romantic.

All in all, best date, best meal, ever.