Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here's the good pic of the caramel apples. YUM! See the post below and you'll know why it's here.

October Fun

Oh my goodness, y'all. JJ and I wake up on OCTOBER 12th and THIS is what's outside our window! Good for skiing, bad for just about every other reason.

I figured out something in the recent... hour. I have a handicap: I'm horrible at Blogger! So... here's pictures that were supposed to be in later that somehow ended up right here:

Caramel Apples with Peanuts for Punkin Carving Festival at our apartment. We also had worms and dirt (if you don't know what that is, your life is sad), and Roasted Chicken and Veg. DANG IT I JUST DELETED THE BEST PICTURE OF THE APPLES!!!!!! I'll post it later.

We went to PA October 15-21. The leaves were just starting to change colors and it was AMAZING! Here's what it looked like on the drive from DC-PA. P.S.: "We" (Marika) forgot our camera, so these were all taken on my phone....which is why we don't have many pics.

Next stop... GOLF! What else would we do? Brad (one of JJ's best friends... actually, probably JJ's bestie) was able to get us on to golf at the Hershey Country Club, where he works, for FREE! We loved it, even though both of us didn't play well.

It was such a beautiful old course. Thanks Brad!
JJ's parents took us to spend a day at the Renaissance Fair. Now, if you're reading this and dig renaissance fairs, look away, or go put on a costume and talk all nerdy, because that's what you enjoy anyway. I was surprised by how many of the people that went there were WEIRDOS! Well, now we know what happens there... so we'll never choose to go again :). Thanks anyway, in-laws! This pumpkin guy was the coolest part of the fair (for me). Besides the turkey leg that tasted like ham.

Last stop? Chinatown (DC), o'course! WHY? TO EAT, DUH! We had dim-sum, and it was delicious.

OKAY, now you get to see what we did today! The punkin carving fest:

JJ was very methodical in his carving. He drew the face on his punkin first, and then cut. Jaime and I had a different style: Jab and do whatever. Jaime thinks hers looks like it has a hat on. She demonstrated:

Anyway, I think all of our punkins ended up so cute! Jaime's has a unibrow,

Mine (Marika's) kinda looks like Shrek?

And JJ's is like a skull. Of course, methodical ended up more awesome. OH WELL!

It was a really fun thing, I'm glad we did it! It was the first holiday JJ and I have celebrated on our own (since we're not doing anything on halloween night, this was it), and it makes me realize how much I love being married to him. Starting our own traditions is so much fun, and I'm happy that I'll be able to do the same stuff every year, even after it gets old, because a tradition is a tradition, and we'll have to do them together every time!