Monday, January 26, 2009

January Madness

So, there have been some things that have happened this month, but none that we have taken pictures of so far.

1. I got my grades from last semester. I may or may not have done well. It's all going to remain a mystery for the rest of your lives.

2. I started school again. I'm taking 15 credit hours this semester. Should turn out okay.

3. JJ got a job offer! The job is in Washington DC, but will be moving locations sometime in 2010. We've decided that he'll take the job, which means that we'll move out there sometime around the beginning of summer, then I'll move back and finish school--Fall and Spring, graduating in May 2010. It'll be hard, but the job opportunity is awesome.

4. The Eagles choked.

5. We got new tires (ugh).

6. JJ's mom is in town right now, working on their Provo apartment. We've been able to hang out quite a bit.

Sorry no pictures, but now you all know what's up with us!