Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What exactly....

What exactly did Zack and Miri do? I don't know, because I live in Utah.

Yes, this was actually outside of the theatre. UGH. Let's move, JJ.

Tee Hee

I took this picture of JJ trying to figure... something... out with the dishes, and I think it's funny. He's the best husband ever because he always does the dishes and I love that! Dishes are icky.

Also, I finally figured out how to add a list of friends, which is actually really easy. So if you have a blog and you come here a lot you should tell me to add you to the list so I can blogger stalk you, too!

Staci and Garrett--Your blog won't add to it! I don't know why. :(

Sunday, November 9, 2008

6 Month-iversary!

I can't believe it! We've already been married for 6 months! Sometimes to me it feels like longer, because we got the hang of being a married couple pretty fast, and sometimes it still feels like we were in Hawaii yesterday, riding around in the sweet minivan my parents rented doing last minute pre-wedding prep.

I'm not going to get all gushy or anything, because that's gross. This report is going to be a pretty dry report on what we did last night to celebrate... If you want to read gushy stuff, pull out a book or something. We're not into that.

We got dressed up all cute to go out to dinner. We both knew where we were going, so it wasn't much of a suprise, but JJ was suprised that I can do my own makeup pretty well.

Then we made our way over to.....
That's right! Steaks and more steaks for us to celebrate. JJ and I have both been wanting to go to Ruth's Chris for a while, and our 6-month-iversary seemed like a good excuse. :)

Oh my goodness, y'all! The food was SO good. We started out with the Seared Ahi Tuna with...sauce? and the Ruth's Chris Chopped Salad. I liked both, JJ was not such a fan of the Tuna--He thought the sauce overpowered the "delicate flavor of the fish itself"... now you know why I love him (okay okay that was a little mushy)!

MY STEAK WAS HUGE! This is all I could eat of it, seriously. The steaks there are cut like 2 inches thick and served in a puddle of sizzling herb butter. I had the Cowboy Ribeye with a side of Au Poivre Sauce (which was AWESOME!) and JJ had the New York (his usual) with a Bleu Cheese Crust (his other usual). They were both done to a perfect medium-rare and had the best crusty outside. I'm in love. With a steak. And it's a Cowboy!

For sides, which are served family-style there in large portions, we opted for the Broccoli Au Gratin (which our server annoyingly corrected JJ's good pronunciation for the fakey-American "og rotten"), which we thought had too much cheese on top, and the Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar and Pecan Topping. K SERIOUSLY?! This was the freaking best thing ever! I know it probably was more butter than potatoes, but we didn't care--we were celebrating!

Last, the restaurant provided us with a free dessert--we chose the Chocolate Duo--molten chocolate cake and a "light" chocolate mousse, with berries and sweet cream. We loved it, but the mousse definitely wasn't light! It tasted like pure milk fat solids. Which we love. But are bad for us. But we were celebrating. But now we're chub-chub. It's okay though. We're married.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Don't look way close at this picture or you'll see that both of us are so full we're going to up-chuck.

We definitely recommend this restaurant if you don't think about calories. And you've gotta get the sweet potato casserole or you'll miss out on the best thing eva!

Let us know if you eat there--and, in almost the words of Jacques Pepin, "Happy Eating!"