Monday, November 9, 2009

You're Dying...

That's right, you're all dying to know...

I'm almost fully recovered! However, this is the saga after I started feeling better...

Friday: My fever definitely made a return. JJ and I had a fun date anyway, though, in SLC after picking him up (they lost his bag) and before picking up my mom. We ate at Pat's BBQ (waaay delicious, if only I could've tasted it better) and then watched a movie... something about Paris, at the Broadway.

Saturday: We got up semi-early (late for a weekday, early for a weekend) and drove to Vegas to visit Micia. Fever was still there, but most other symptoms were pretty improved. We all (Mom & Dad, Mish & Stewart, JJ & I) went to see LOVE at the Mirage. Mikkel was being a poop about working and came down on Sunday. GREAT way to celebrate Halloween, and it was such a good show! I'd recommend it to anyone--definitely my favorite Cirque Du Soleil show so far.

Sunday: Fever broke! We ate dim sum for brunch. Micia's white coat ceremony happened, which was really similar to a graduation, but at the beginning of her med-school career. They had really tasty almond brittle for "refreshments" there (it probably wasn't good, but I could taste it and I was starving, plus I think that only Mormons use the word "refreshments"). We then went to dinner at a Korean BBQ, which was tasty, as usual. After that, we drove back to "the valley" so that I could make it to class by 7 AM and Stew could go to work by 10 AM.

I woke up late or early, depending on what you think, with a BAD fever. I was so bummed! It was definitely back with a vengeance AND meant that I was going to miss my Accounting class again; in which homework was due and there was a quiz. I'm not an "Always {A}" student, but I definitely get stressed as the homework piles up while I'm sick.

Monday: I pretty much just sat around and coughed stuff up. All. Day.

Tuesday: Sick day, except when I went to work for a few hours. Went to Tucano's for dinner with cousins and family.

Wednesday: My cough started getting stinky and really really colorful, but it was more productive and I was feeling otherwise better. No big! Or so I thought.

Thursday: Almost normal. I took my mom and JJ to the airport (boooooo), then worked for like 6 hours, late into the night. I HAVE TO CATCH UP! You see, since I'm the only person that works in the front office (for those of you who don't know, I'm my dad's "Office Manager"), when I'm not here, none of the billing info gets put in.

Friday: I called my family friend, Dr. Bill, to get a note for school. I had this huge frustration about my doctor's office not returning a call, etc... It was very lame. And then I remembered that my Uncle* Bill would probably fax me a note, anyway. While we were on the phone he told me the stinky, colorful coughs show that I probably have a minor case of pneumonia, and that, if my cough doesn't go away by tomorrow, I should probably go into the doctors.

*My "Uncle Bill" is actually just my dad's friend from High School, but I thought that he was my Uncle until I was like 14. When I put it together, I felt like an idiot.

ANYWAY>>> It's now Monday, and I'm feeling mostly fine. I'm still coughing, but it's not stinky nor is it colorful :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H O W E V E R . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Last night, JJ started getting chest congestion. Then was getting a sore throat. And then a dry cough... and then a fever. I guess it's his turn to be a piggy!

I feel really bad, since it was me that got him sick, but he knew that I was sick and I offered to change his plane ticket for him, but he said it's best to get it now before it evolves into a super bug.

He just texted me, as I write this, that his cough is definitely worsening.

The other reason I feel bad is because he doesn't have the best part of being sick: A cooler on his balcony full of assorted juices and diet coke with lime, courtesy of his daddy. He does, however, only have to walk 20 feet to get a drink or something from the fridge, which I guess is almost as good.

Everyone go wash your hands! I bet you got it just from reading this!